Hi, I’m your wife!

And the dating begins.

He loves to go to the movies. I hate going to the movies. It’s not that I hate movies. I hate GOING to the movies, and there are several reasons behind this. His preferred movie genre is sci-fi: most of the time, not my cup of tea. My preference is Disney/Pixar. I know, I know…but I am still a kid at heart. Second problem: I can’t sit still long enough in a theater. This is shocking for most of you, I’m sure. : ) However, if we watch a movie at home, I can feign interest in his Sci-Fi stuff with my Kindle in my lap (sneaky Pete-that’s me). He really doesn’t seem to mind since we are sitting together in the same room…but definitely not a ‘bonding time.’

I love having people over. He has a select few that he wants to spend time with. That’s fine, because his select few are favorites of mine. But they have lives of their own and we can’t always expect them to be with us. Another problem is that we are very young empty-nesters. People our age are not normally at the empty-nester stage.

He likes concerts, including classical music (Beethoven in Blue Jeans, downtown annually at the Saenger, I think) and I’d rather eat a bug. I’d rather eat a colony of bugs. I’d rather hunt down bugs in my yard and your yard and eat them ALL rather than go to a concert, much less a classical concert. Call me unsophisticated; call me unrefined. Call me agoraphobic. Crowded concerts freak me out. This might surprise you again, but I am WAY more comfortable with my own people. Give me a large group of my people and let’s have a sing along…no crowds please, and no concerts pretty please!

I love going dancing. He thinks he can dance. Envision the outcome. Insert smile here, ladies, because you KNOW what the sprinkler, lawn mower, the running man all look like and you KNOW our men think they are so cool when they are ‘bustin’ their moves.’ And God forbid a slow song begins to play while we are on the dance floor; take me back to the middle school sway. I insert smile here because I guess it is a bit endearing. So dancing might be a possibility. Anyone know where there is a crowdless dancing place that is smoke free? Hence the dancing prob.

The common enjoyable date night is going out to eat. We love Thai, Italian, and have several favorite restaurants. The only problem with this- my butt. Have ya seen my butt? I cannot afford any growth in the rear section. I now know that my butt is not like a credit card; there is no maximum limit. If only HE could gain in the butt. His butt has completely disappeared. It’s concave, even. Heehee…he would absolutely die, knowing that I was talking about his derriere. Good thing he’s so fine that I rarely notice his hiney. 😉

So, the date quest has begun. Conversation about dates has begun. Neither of us are really sure what date options are available, what we will commonly enjoy. I feel like I am getting to know my husband, and I think he feels like he is getting to know me…again. Hi, I’m your wife and I look forward to getting to know you better. 🙂



About CarynTillman

I'm a wife. I'm a mom. I'm an aunt. I'm a sister. I'm a friend. Most importantly, I'm His.
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